Climate provisions unfinished and unknown. Energy trailer bill boosts dependency on dirty power, undermining our fight against climate change and forcing frontline communities to breathe polluted air.

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SACRAMENTO, CA – Mike Young, Political Director at California Environmental Voters (EnviroVoters), released the following statement in response to the budget agreement announced by Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislative leaders, including AB 205/SB 122 – the energy budget trailer bill. The contents of the trailer bill increase California’s reliability on old and dirty power plants and were negotiated behind closed doors by Governor Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders.

“This budget agreement kicks the can down the road in the climate fight. The energy trailer bill sets a dangerous precedent and could undermine the state’s ultimate goal of building a clean, reliable electric grid that provides power to every community that needs it.

“A cruel summer of wildfires, drought, extreme heat waves, and power blackouts is coming. Californians need a Climate Courage Budget to protect our health, lives, and livelihoods from these deadly threats caused by climate change but the climate provisions of this budget remain unfinished. It’s beyond frustrating to see the governor and legislature once again trapped in a debate over how long to keep old gas plants up and running, especially when we know the damage they cause.

“Our energy challenge is a crisis of choice. California’s leaders have long known we need to plan for clean, affordable, and reliable energy but they didn’t act. Now, in desperation to keep the lights on, they are asking Californians to accept investing billions of their tax dollars on more expensive, dirty power that undermines our efforts to fight climate change and forces frontline communities to continue living with the health consequences of breathing polluted air.

“California needs bold, forward looking leadership to win the fight against climate change. We have a record budget surplus now and time to act before we reach a point of no return at the end of the decade.”


California Environmental Voters (formerly the California League of Conservation Voters) believes the climate crisis is here and this moment requires transformative change. California has the policy solutions to stop climate change but lacks the political will to do it at the rate and scale that’s necessary. EnviroVoters exists to build the political power to solve the climate crisis, advance justice, and create a roadmap for global action. We organize voters, elect and train candidates, and hold lawmakers accountable for bold policy change. We won’t stop until we have resilient, healthy, thriving communities, and a democracy and economy that is just and sustainable for all. Join us at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. See more press releases.

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