Past Endorsements

We are committed to recruiting, training, and endorsing bold, pro-environment candidates — up and down the ballot — who will fight for climate justice and equity.

Endorsements for April 12, 2022 Special Election

  • Assembly District 17: Matt Haney OR David Campos

Endorsements for April 5, 2022 Special Election

  • Assembly District 11: Lori Wilson – Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
  • Assembly District 80: Georgette Gomez – San Diego County

Endorsements for February 15, 2022 Special Election

  • Assembly District 17: David Campos OR Matt Haney – San Francisco
  • Assembly District 49: Mike Fong – Western San Gabriel Valley

Endorsement for September 14, 2021 Statewide Special Election

  • NO on Recall

Endorsement for August 31, 2021 Special Election

  • Assembly District 18: Mia Bonta – Oakland/Alameda

Beyond your vote

You can make a difference beyond your own vote by donating to or volunteering for climate champions running in critical districts. Find them here:

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Your support changes what’s possible for our future and our environment.