AB 1778 – Senate Transportation Committee

Stopping Freeway Expansions in Environmental Justice Communities

Historically, freeways have been purposefully built through communities of color, fracturing and displacing many Black and Brown communities and leading to people of color in the United States being more likely to be exposed to high levels of particulate air pollution (PM2.5), which is mainly caused by car and truck emissions along highways and freeways. AB 1778 would have prohibited the state from funding or permitting freeway expansions or widening in environmental justice communities that are affected by car and truck emissions and in areas with a high poverty rates.

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Issues: Land Use and Transportation

Not signed into Law


Passed the Assembly, but failed to pass the Senate


Yes 41
No 25
Abstain 12





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AB 1778 – Senate Transportation Committee VotesVote Date: 6/28/22