SB 260

Climate Corporate Accountability Act

The largest and most profitable corporations produce the vast majority of carbon emissions, yet the majority of these large companies are failing to be transparent with the public about the size of their carbon footprints. The Climate Corporate Accountability Act would have required the largest U.S. based corporations that do business in California and make over $1 billion annually to disclose their full carbon footprint each year in a manner that is easily understandable and accessible to the public. This would have provided the public and decisionmakers more transparency around which companies are doing their fair share to address the climate crisis, where the most emissions are, and which corporations are causing the most pollution.

Author: Scott Wiener

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Issues: Clean Energy Economy

Not signed into Law

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Passed the Senate, but failed to pass the Assembly


Yes 37
No 25
Abstain 18


Yes 23
No 7
Abstain 10