Who We Are

We believe radical change is necessary.

Only by transforming our political system and electing environmental champions will we create the opportunity to take the bold action needed on climate change. Climate action is an urgent imperative and it’s our best chance to address injustice at scale, touching every part of our economy and infrastructure.

We know true change happens through relationships and personal experience.

Organizing, technology, media, and education are the tools we use to transform people’s relationship with our environment, our political system, and each other.

We inspire hope and action.

We elect and cultivate environmental champions, turn election victories into policy wins, hold our lawmakers accountable, and build political power for change. We fight for equity and justice - from voting rights to clean air and water - for all Californians. We make government, policy, and voting accessible.

We’re in the business of changing what is possible.

Since 1972, the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) has protected and enhanced the land, air, water, and health of all California communities by electing environmental champions, advancing critical state and federal legislation, and holding policymakers accountable to combating the effects of our catastrophic climate crisis.

We’re excited to work with you on building an inclusive democracy and clean energy future where decisions about our economy, environment, and infrastructure are made by our communities.

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    About California League of Conservation Voters

    CLCV protects California's natural legacy and the health of all Californians by working to elect environmental champions and pass strong environmental laws.

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