AB 2736:

Corporate Bailout for Bad Energy Project that Harms Joshua Tree


Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia

This bill, along with AB 2255 and AB 1720 continue a multi-year expensive lobbying effort by NextEra Energy who seek to force taxpayers to bail out a multi-billion-dollar controversial energy project, the Eagle Crest Pumped Storage project, which would threaten the environment in and around Joshua Tree National Park. This water intensive project is proposed in the California desert, one of the driest places in North America with no surface water, and would rely on the over-pumping of a desert aquifer that underlies Joshua Tree National Park. This is a costly and unnecessary project that has no place in California’s clean energy future.

Bill info from the legislature

CLCV Opposed


Passed Assembly Natural Resources & Water Committee 14-0

Failed to pass the Legislature

Votes Scored

AB 2736Assembly Water Parks & Wildlife CommitteeMay 14, 2020Passed
PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONDID NOT VOTEDid not vote on good bill. Counted negatively.DID NOT VOTEDid not vote on a bad bill. Counted positively.EXCUSEDAbsent due to illness or family leave; not counted positively or negatively.

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