Cathleen Galgiani

Senate Democratic Caucus

Cathleen Galgiani
2019 Score: 58%
Ca. Score: 71%
Caucus Score: 87%
Lifetime Score:60%

Past Scores:

Party: Democrat
District: 5 (Stockton)
Years in office:


Contact Info

Phone: 916 651 4005


Environmental Votes

AB 142Ongoing Funding for Cleanup of Lead Contamination
Vote on AB 142 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
AB 936Safeguarding California from Crude Oil Spills
Vote on AB 936 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillAB 1057Protects Californians from paying for Big Oil’s clean up costs
Vote on AB 1057 (Senate Floor)Did Not Vote
Top Priority BillSB 1Protecting Environmental & Labor Standards from Trump Attacks
Vote on SB 1 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 1 (Senate Concurrence)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 54The California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act
Vote on SB 54 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 127Complete Streets For Active Living
Vote on SB 127 (Senate Transportation Committee)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 127 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 127 (Senate Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillSB 200Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund
Vote on SB 200 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 200 (Senate Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 210Smog Checks for Dirty Diesel Trucks
Vote on SB 210 (Senate Transportation Committee)Did Not Vote
Vote on SB 210 (Senate Floor)Did Not Vote
Vote on SB 210 (Senate Concurrence)Did Not Vote
Top Priority BillSB 307Stop the Destructive Privatized Cadiz Water Project
Vote on SB 307 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 551Assessing Oil & Gas Cleanup Costs
Vote on SB 551 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 551 (Senate Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 574Disclosure of Toxic Flavor and Fragrance Ingredients
Vote on SB 574 (Senate Floor)Did Not Vote
SB 676Electric Vehicle Grid Integration
Vote on SB 676 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 676 (Senate Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 25Weakening of Environmental Safeguards
Vote on SB 25 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 669False Solution for Safe Drinking Water
Vote on SB 669 (Senate Governmental Organization Committee)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 772Expensive and Environmentally Damaging Energy
Vote on SB 772 (Senate Floor)Did Not Vote

vote key

PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONDID NOT VOTEDid not vote on good bill. Counted negatively.DID NOT VOTEDid not vote on a bad bill. Counted positively.EXCUSEDAbsent due to illness or family leave; not counted positively or negatively.

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