Ling Ling Chang

Senate Republican Caucus

Ling Ling Chang
2019 Score: 48%
Ca. Score: 71%
Caucus Score: 23%
Lifetime Score:42%

Past Scores:

Party: Republican
District: 29 (Brea)
Years in office:


Contact Info

Phone: 916 651 4029


Environmental Votes

AB 142Ongoing Funding for Cleanup of Lead Contamination
Vote on AB 142 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
AB 936Safeguarding California from Crude Oil Spills
Vote on AB 936 (Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee, Motion: measure returned to floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on AB 936 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillAB 1057Protects Californians from paying for Big Oil’s clean up costs
Vote on AB 1057 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillSB 1Protecting Environmental & Labor Standards from Trump Attacks
Vote on SB 1 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 1 (Senate Concurrence)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 54The California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act
Vote on SB 54 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 127Complete Streets For Active Living
Vote on SB 127 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 127 (Senate Concurrence)Anti-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillSB 200Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund
Vote on SB 200 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 200 (Senate Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 210Smog Checks for Dirty Diesel Trucks
Vote on SB 210 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 210 (Senate Concurrence)Anti-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillSB 307Stop the Destructive Privatized Cadiz Water Project
Vote on SB 307 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 551Assessing Oil & Gas Cleanup Costs
Vote on SB 551 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 551 (Senate Concurrence)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 574Disclosure of Toxic Flavor and Fragrance Ingredients
Vote on SB 574 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 676Electric Vehicle Grid Integration
Vote on SB 676 (Senate Energy, Utilities & Communications Committee)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 676 (Senate Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on SB 676 (Senate Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 25Weakening of Environmental Safeguards
Vote on SB 25 (Senate Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 386Backsliding on California’s Clean Energy Goals
Vote on SB 386 (Senate Energy, Utilities, & Communications Committee)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 669False Solution for Safe Drinking Water
Vote on SB 669 (Senate Governmental Organization Committee)Anti-Environment Vote
SB 772Expensive and Environmentally Damaging Energy
Vote on SB 772 (Senate Energy, Utilities & Communications Committee)Did Not Vote
Vote on SB 772 (Senate Floor)Did Not Vote

vote key

PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONDID NOT VOTEDid not vote on good bill. Counted negatively.DID NOT VOTEDid not vote on a bad bill. Counted positively.EXCUSEDAbsent due to illness or family leave; not counted positively or negatively.

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